• IP Location API

    This API is an IP information service that converts a mobile visitor's IP address into approximate geographical location.

    The service currently offers daily-updated mobile IP information for the following countries:

    • [India 🇮🇳] Airtel 4G, Jio 4G, Vodafone 4G, Idea 4G, Reliance, BSNL
    • [Indonesia 🇮🇩] XL 4G, Indosat 4G, Telekomsel 4G

    Unlike similar services such as MaxMind GeoIP2 which work well for fixed-broadband internet, this API and underlying data-sets are designed from scratch for mobile-first apps and services.

    IP Geolocation

    IP addresses are allocated by IANA, and their geographic distribution is by nature coarse-grained. A related set of IP addresses given by a CIDR range may be scattered across a country or concentrated in a locality. In this API, we provide you the geolocation of an IP address down to city-level. It also returns a likelihood parameter, which is the probability of finding the IP address in the associated city. If an IP is found in more than one city, we list those too, including their associated probability.

    Network Quality

    In addition to the geolocation of an IP address, the API also returns the quality of the network the IP is on, based on its average latency and packet loss over the last three months. The classification of the network is as follows:

    1. Excellent: Latency is less than 50 ms .AND. Packet loss is less than 20%
    2. Good: Latency is between 50 ms and 150 ms .AND. Packet loss is less than 20%
    3. Moderate: Latency is between 150 ms and 250 ms .AND. Packet loss is less than 20%
    4. Poor: Latency is greater than 250 ms .OR. Packet loss is greater than 20%
  • Network Sensing SDK